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Supporting the local economy is essential for local communities to thrive. Encouraging small businesses benefits the whole community in many ways:

  • economic and social, as much of the spending in the local economy stays in the community and allows it to invest in infrastructure essential to its well-being
  • environmental, as it promotes, among other things, short circuits and thus reduces CO² emissions

However, local shops face competition from large companies that dominate the market in many sectors. These globalised companies weaken the local economy by offering low prices and fast delivery, which also has serious consequences for the environment. It is therefore important to keep local customers interested, to stimulate the local economy and to encourage them to buy locally. To do this, it is essential that customers prefer to buy your products because of the story behind them: using storytelling can increase customer loyalty and make them identify with the products or services you sell. It is a good way to increase customers' interest in your products and encourage them to buy local. Local shops should represent a part of the community and customers should identify with them and buy local products as a way of supporting the local economy and the whole community




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This activity aims to support local businesses through storytelling. Using this technique humanises and emotionally attaches people to local brands through the story of the products/services. Done well, it can educate, entertain and engage, helping to create memories that root a brand in the customer's consciousness. For physical retailers, storytelling can create personal interaction and attention. Storytelling can also be used on websites and social media channels to allow customers to see what goes on behind the scenes through additional content, including videos.


Produce a video interview using storytelling.

This activity can be done individually or in groups.

You will need a smartphone or other video device to conduct the interviews.

  1. Read the article "Why storytelling is important for local businesses" provided in the "Resources" section.
  2. Watch the video "5 tips on how to shoot an interview with a phone".
  3. Read the article "Biveo-Business Video".
  4. Contact local businesses that might be interested.
  5. Prepare your questions to find out the story behind the products/merchants.
  6. Create social media accounts, including a Youtube channel to publish the videos.
  7. Publish the videos online (don't forget to get the consent of the interviewers beforehand).
  8. Promote the activity on dedicated social media



This learning quest teaches learners to use storytelling to promote local businesses in their community. This activity helps learners understand the importance of capturing the attention of customers and developing a deeper connection with the public. It also strengthens the community by improving its economy and creating or retaining jobs that ultimately benefit the whole community for its development and well-being.


Learning Objectives

  • Promote local businesses/products
  • Learn storytelling
  • Humanise local brands through storytelling


  • Understand the importance of stories in marketing communication, the influence of emotions on customer behaviour
  • Learn to harness the social influence of customers
  • Know the different techniques, formats and examples of storytelling


  • Capture customers' attention with stories
  • Define and analyse brand stories
  • Engage in dialogue and build trust with customers


  • Recognise the impact of stories on brand development
  • Exploit storytelling for local business development
  • Improve the communication of local businesses in the media