An item to write a love note about community
An item to write a love note about community
Photo by Lisa Fotios via Pexels

A scientifically proven fact is that every and all communities have assets. We just need to train our brain to use this mental filter of positivity, wearing our ‘positivity glasses’ in all circumstances and identify these assets. Positivity and abundance may sound like catchwords nowadays. But, actually, these words are part of the  Asset-Based Community Development foundation principles.

Research has also demonstrated that residents with pride tend to succeed in communal initiatives and that insecurity feelings, criminality and situations of conflict are low (Quillan, Quinn, and Murray, 2012).

In this quest, you'll focus yourself to see your community in a new light and share the love and pride you feel for it. In other words, you'll focus yourself on listing local assets. You'll create the initial conditions, share what you care and love about the your place and drive others to follow suit!



Inspirational love notes’ installation
Inspirational love notes’ installation
Photo by Olya Kobruseva via Pexels

People are the most resourceful asset in a community and the ones that can provide us the most important informations. So let’s explore it all together!

To know your local assets better, first learn what your neighbourhood or town cares and loves about the place where you live, work, play or study. You're entrusted to create a “love notes' installation”. 


  1. Select a focal point of the neighbourhood, such as a local shop, a central square, a busy coffee shop, a tree in a public garden, the entrance of your local association and come up with an idea that catches passers-by attention, make them want to stop and share what they care about and love about the neighbourhood. It might be a small installation or a handcrafted piece made by yourself. Some examples (photos) are shown in the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. handbook “A Guide to Asset Mapping”. Be as creative as you can. A small initiative can have an unpredicted ripple effect.
  2. Write your thoughts and ask passers-by to write down what they love and care about your community.
  3. What you love might be an area, a particular business, the warmth of your neighbours, your group of friends, a specific summertime experience, a memory, a tradition, a local symbol, the local culture and values. Whatever makes you stay in awe. 
  4. What you care about are causes you feel drawn to in your community (for example, environmental, political, artistic, educational) to solve specific concerns of yours that affect your quality of life and of your neighbourhood. 
  5. You may briefly present the goal of this activity in the installation making use of a poster or a flyer. Put an email address, which the contributors/passers-by can reach out to, in case they wish to further engage in this one or another community project.
  6. You may also to create hashtags and include them in the poster, create an online page and challenge community members and 'outsiders' to share their love notes' photos online and try to make it go viral!
  7. Trust in the organic process propelled by the emotional connection, the word of mouth and social media.
  8. Instigate your community to share pride and celebrate it! 



This activity has immersed you a bit in the world of Asset Mapping - the first step to get to know your community members (better). A crucial (and very interesting!) step to creatively shape together new possibilities and sustainable solutions for your neighbourhood, based on the community members' perceptions, feelings and expectations.


Learning Objectives

  • Create an easy to do community activity to acknowledge collective community pride;
  • Identify local assets;


  • Introduction to Asset Based Community Development Community organising;


  • Identify communal interests that trigger collective action;


  • Gain a positive and empowered attitude towards individuals, to shape the community's future;
  • Build a believer group facilitation mindset;